Lipe  has been interested in music ever since the age of 2. Growing up, Lipe loved to sing and put notes together on a little Fisher Price piano playing songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” by ear. By age five he had already performed on national t.v. for a famous preacher out of St. Louis. Lipe felt the love to perform ever since. While growing up in Hazelwood Missouri, Lipe developed his talent of producing music shortly after high school.

After high school Lipe worked with many main stream artists out of St. Louis such as Jibbs, City Spud, Nikko Smith (Son of Ozzie) Huey,  Seven Lee (Wife of Murphy Lee), Slim from (Loose Cannon), as well as known producers Beatstaz, (Makers of Chain hang low & King Kong from Jibbs), Trillion Billion Dollar beatz (Makers of 24/7 365 by Huey & Check my swag by Chingy), and many more. Taking pieces of advice and different tools from various artists & producers has made “Lipebeatz” into the Artist/ Producer/ Writer he is today.

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