Cash-U is a Hip-Hop artist from St. Louis. Growing up, Cash-U loved and still loves listening to Old School R&B and Hip-Hop. Realizing his talent passion for music, he developed his rapping skills at an early age. By the time Cash-U got to high school, he had already begun battle rapping, free styling, and writing his own lyrics. Through a steady grind performing around the city locally and underground, Cash-U is just coming into his own.

Cash-U partnered with Nettwork Entertainment in releasing his first official single mainstream release for download “Counting Up.” This song is a clubby trap record. Now with a release under his belt, Nettwork is looking forward to working on his project.

“Can’t be a veggie I always go ham. When I’m down I always stay 1 up.” -Cash-U

Now Available on iTunes

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