Alexandra Kay NO MORE Available July 1st

Single “No More” Release Date with Sony / Red Distribution

For Immediate Release: Nettwork Entertainment Signs Distribution Deal with Sony / Red Music for “No More,” the debut single by Alexandra Kay!
Swain and Alexandra Kay at Red Music NYC
Nettwork Entertainment is proud to announce that they have just signed a distribution deal with Sony Red for the release of “No More” by their newest artist, Alexandra Kay.

Nettwork Entertainment is going to be working very closely with Sony Red on the marketing and promotion of the single this summer.

The video for “No More” has already received over 330,000 views and the song can currently be heard on FM and numerous satellite radio stations. Alexandra Kay will be starting a radio promo tour mid July and hosting intimate Meet-N-Greets so her fans can get a chance to really get to know her as she performs across the country. Alexandra Kay signed with Nettwork Entertainment in May 2013 when the CEO of Nettwork Entertainment, Anakin Swain, first realized that she was an emerging, young, superstar. Her debut single “No More” is a heartfelt song that describes the bittersweet feelings of loss and relief that people get when realizing a situation or relationship has finally come to its’ inevitable conclusion.

Alexandra Kay is a Midwestern sweetheart, hailing from the small town of Waterloo, Illinois. She has a strong background in musical theatre and she has been performing since the tender age of 12. Her musical journey has allowed her to experiment with many different genres but she has found her way back to her pop/country roots with this new single. “No More” was actually written by Alexandra Kay, co-written by Lipebeatz and produced by Anakin Swain.

The debut single from Alexandra Kay “No More” will be available July 1st on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and many more outlets. For more information on Alexandra Kay please visit, Alexandra on Facebook Alexandra on Twitter and watch the video for “No More” Alexandra on Youtube.